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1st day "forever home  - "Hey I didn't know I'd have a hot tub!!"


"And birds to watch, too - life is good!"


Murphy (Murph) first came into my life when he was 4 months old.  He was brought into my workplace by a client who was socializing him so that he could later attend Leader Dog School for the Blind.  He was the most adorable thing I had ever seen, still getting his beautiful golden feathers and wearing a green vest that said "I'm training to be a leader dog!"   From that first time that I saw him I knew that somehow we were meant to be together.  Each week when he came in to work he would run to my office and lay with his head on my feet - I think he knew, too.  When he was 9 months old he left my life for the first time to go to school.  I told them that if somehow he didn't make it through, that I would do anything to be his forever mom.  Six months later I was called and told he had "flunked" out of school because he wasn't assertive enough (all in the plan - ;).....the next day he was in his forever home with me......the "keeper of my heart" was where he belonged and our lives together for always had just begun. 
"At times I just don't know,
 how you could be anything but beautiful.
Think that I was made for you.....
and you were made for me."

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